Hospice Care Week 2021

Dear Friend and Supporter,

From October 4th – October 8th 2021 it’s Hospice Care Week, a week which I am hugely proud to support. It gives us all a chance to celebrate and appreciate Hospice care, nationwide. Hospice Care Week is an annual event that recognises and shines a light on hospice care within the UK. 

When we only have one chance to make a difference in someone’s life, our Hospice Isle of Man exists to ensure that we do it right. That’s why Hospice Care Week is so important each and every year. Hospice care is for everyone; whoever they are, wherever they are, and whatever their age. Hospice care means working with and in local communities to support patients and their families with care, appropriate to their needs.
During this special week, we have planned to focus on the things that are important to us here at Hospice; our patients, our meaningful events, our fundraisers and our services. Each part is like a cog in a wheel and all are needed to make our Hospice what it is.
Everyone’s needs are unique at Hospice; our care is provided by teams of expert staff and volunteers who place equal emphasis on someone’s clinical, physical, emotional and social needs. Without our truly amazing staff, our patients and their families wouldn’t be catered to, in the way that they currently are and for that I cannot thank them enough.
I want to take this week to say a huge thank you to everyone that makes our Hospice what it is. Our staff, our volunteers, our fundraisers, our patients and their families. Thank you for making me proud every day to be a part of this wonderful place, and let’s look to the future where we can continue to deliver what matters to our patients, and support them to live well, their way, to the end of their lives.

Best wishes,

Anne Mills

Chief Executive of Hospice Isle of Man

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