The Manx Lottery Trust has confirmed it has awarded a grant of £2,500 to Hospice Isle of Man. This funding will be used to update the kitchen equipment at the vital facility, ensuring that the highest standards and quality of food are maintained for the patients, visiting family and friends, staff, and volunteers.

The Hospice Isle of Man's kitchen operates every single day of the year, serving a diverse community of individuals who are potentially going through the toughest time in their lives. The dedicated chefs take great pride in their work, but their efforts have been hindered by aging equipment. As a result, the need for new kitchen equipment became apparent.

While the team attempted to find budget-friendly domestic alternatives, they quickly discovered that these options were not suitable for the wear and tear of a busy kitchen catering to such a large number of individuals.

Melanie Kermeen from Hospice Isle of Man said: ‘After some issues with equipment, we had to seek assistance in the updating of some of our most used kitchen facilities. We are so grateful to Manx Lottery Trust for their help in the purchasing of the items, in order to ensure as much of our income as possible can go towards patient care.’

Stephen Turner, Chairman of the Manx Lottery Trust, said: ‘Hospice Isle of Man is such a vital charity to our community. With so many different elements making it tick, we're pleased to help with the upgrading of the Hospice kitchen facilities.’

The funding provided by the Manx Lottery Trust will ensure that the Hospice Isle of Man's kitchen can continue to provide nutritious and quality meals to those who rely on their services. This grant will contribute to the overall comfort of the patients, their families, and the dedicated staff and volunteers who tirelessly support them. It will cost Hospice £6.8 million to provide its specialist palliative and end of life care, therefore grants such as these, are vital to the charity and really do make a difference.

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