Bereavement Support

The care we provide does not stop once a loved one has died, it simply extends itself to family, friends and carers and aims to help you adjust to a new way of living.

We never want loved ones to feel alone or isolated in grief, whether you are experiencing loneliness and numbness, disbelief, confusion, exhaustion, guilt, regret, anger or rejection we can offer you emotional and spiritual support when you need it.

Providing family support is a very important and sensitive aspect of the work of Hospice, from one-to-one support for individuals to family group sessions.


A positive route to overcoming grief:

  • Don't be afraid to cry. Far from being a sign of weakness, it's often a great release
  • Allow yourself to grieve, even though it may take a long time
  • Let others know how you feel
  • Be prepared to accept help from others - but don't let them influence your thoughts and decisions. There is no guilt in recognising the fact that for you life goes on
  • By the same token, look after yourself physically in terms of diet and sleep, and consult your doctor about any health worries
  • Take each day as it comes-keep life as normal as possible and get into a regular routine
  • In the first year of your bereavement don't be rushed into making big decisions which you might later regret, such as moving house
  • Regularly remind yourself of all the good things in your life that haven't changed-pleasure you can still enjoy when you feel ready
  • In time, look for ways of helping others and enjoy the rewards of feeling useful and needed
  • Try new interests and hobbies and make new friends

Bereavement care and support is available to you through trained and experienced professionals. 

Please feel to drop-in at Hospice and take the opportunity to chat over coffee or tea and biscuits to others in a similar situation as well as staff.

For further information about any of this support, call Kathy Darnill, our Supportive & Pastoral care Co-ordinator on: +44 (0)1624 647449.

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